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June 19th, 2012

© 2012 Marvin Walters, all rights reserved.

By Marvin Walters

The following names represent the original members attending the meeting at the formation of the NSA Negro Stuntmans Association on December 9, 1967 at Marvin Walters home at 3308 Thurman Avenue in Altadena, California: Marvin Walters and Eddie Smith co-founded the NSA; the others were Charter Members or founding members, not co-founders!

1. Marvin Walters

2. Eddie Smith

3. Douglas Lawrence

4. Alex Brown

5. Alonzo Brown

6. Earl Brown

7. Ernie Robinson

8. S.J. McGee

9. Leroy Woolford

10. Ron Wright

11. Freddy Wright

12. Warren McGowan

13. Perry Fluker

14. Harold Jones

15.Henry Graddy

In regards to an article written June 7, 2002 by Todd Longwell sent to me by my daughter on 11/05/2008. I feel that it is time to jog some memories. If I am wrong, will someone please correct me!

In May 1967 Wayne Orme and I were Learning Saddle Falls from Jim Mullman at the Studio Stables in Burbank California. In July 1967 I was contacted by Roy Stevens, owner of Studio Stables: He asked me if I would come out and help with a group of 'colored boys': "A man named Vern King was attempting to teach these "young colored boys" how to ride horses to become a 10th Cavalry Brevet Group. I went out to the stables and found a group of Black men attempting to bridle horses, it was a joke; only one or two of them knew anything about horses. This is how I became a member of the Tenth Cavalry. In June 1967 Mickey Gilbert, the Stunt Coordinator on Cowboy In Africa and Freddy Waugh had begin instructing me on Fights, Camera Angles and High Falls to become a stuntman. In September 1967 I received my SAG card and began working on Cowboy in Africa. Later that year Chuck Bail begins teaching me and Kenny Endoso Car Stunts.

Eddie Smith was working down the road from Cowboy in Africa as an Extra on Daktari and sometimes worked as an Extra on Cowboy in Africa. Mickey Gilbert, the stunt coordinator had told me there was going to be a need for some Negro Stuntmen in the near future.

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